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Diving Center

Kas Explorers offers you Turkey's best diving holiday experience in a professional, secure, and friendly atmosphere. Explore the dive sites unmatched anywhere in the world with instructors who are distinguished for their knowledge of diving and human psychology. Our diving organization aims to make your diving experience, the holiday of a lifetime, whether you are a first-timer, recently certified or an experienced diver.

Kas Explorers organizes your diving holiday according to your special needs and preferences, which may include a personal program for the divers who come to Kas with their families, unique programs for diving clubs and groups, or special days for certain kinds of dives such as wreck weekend, wall dive days, amphora days, and ‘exploration of a new site’ days etc. We also arrange diving trips that are not on usual times, such as early morning, sunset, or midnight diving, etc.

You may also want special care during your dives. You may be handicapped, and may want to dive with an instructor who has the specific qualification. Even if you are a certified diver, you may want to dive with an instructor until you feel comfortable underwater. Contacting us, you will be able to arrange such details before you come here.

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Who are we ?
Altug Tosun
EFR Instructor,
TSSF/CMAS 2* Instructor,
DAN Oxygen Provider Instructor,
HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association) Instructor,
Mares Advanced Technician.
  Belma Namli
  TSSF/CMAS 3* Instructor,
  IDA 2* Instructor,
  EFR Instructor,
  SSI DiveCon Instructor,
  Turkdive 3rd Class Instructor,
  IAHD (International Association of Handicapped Divers) Dive Partner.
We are both scuba instructors who got teaching experiences all around the world, worked in several diving centers in Kas since 1997, and decided to do something better than all we have seen, organizations that speak to people’s special needs.
Why Kas ?

Diving in the area of Kas has the benefit of being considerably quieter than the other areas of Turkey. The reef systems are the least spoiled of the area and luxuriant walls and canyons attract a fantastic range of reef and marine life.
Our dive sites are home to an amazing variety of Mediterranean reef species from huge groupers to tiny nudibranches and many Lessepsian species coming from the Red Sea through the Suez Channel. Sea turtles, Mediterranean monk seals and dolphins are also regularly spotted on these sites. Kas has a unique underwater ecosystem that is full of surprises; there are some slight changes every year. One can never stop exploring!

Kas is very famous with its wrecks as well. Shipwrecks, such as “Duches of York", “Dimitri”, airplane C-47, and the old Italian bombard plane wreck from II. World War are the most popular ones.